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Step into the Wild West future of Cowboy 3030, a third-person roguelite bullet hell where you dive into action-packed shootouts as different playable characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles, to take on notorious outlaws and criminals and rise to become top gun of 3030.


Fight to the death in action-packed shootouts

Engage in intense battles against formidable bosses and encounter a wide variety of enemies who will test your skills.

Discover a diverse arsenal of weapons

Unlock and equip a wide range of weapons, each with their own passive abilities and unique mechanics

Dive into the action as different playable characters

Experience diverse gameplay with a cast of multiple playable characters, each boasting unique active abilities, playstyles and basic stats

Customize your build to fit your playstyle

Creatively destroy the opposition by strategically stacking abilities and choosing weaponry

Unlock new items with every run

Discover over 100 unlockable items ranging from playable characters, weapons, buffs and more

Single player or Co-op

Jump into the world of 3030 in a single player campaign, or play with your buddies in a co-op adventure!



We are Soy Boy Games, a passionate husband and wife team based in Los Angeles, who have turned our love for games into a full-time indie game studio. In 2020, we took the leap and founded our own studio, determined to create unique and engaging gaming experiences for players worldwide.