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Los Angeles, CA

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March 25, 2021


PC: Windows, Mac

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Kungfu Cowboy is a quirky, challenging run ‘n’ gun platformer with roguelike elements. Fight over 30 unique enemies, encounter formidable bosses who chase you to your doom and face challenging obstacles where you must act on your quick kungfu reflexes to make it out alive. Get to the nearest town where you can stack countless synergizable weapon upgrades and acquire powerful “gunfu” abilities that make you stronger and more invincible throughout your run. 


  • Online and Local Coop Support: 2-player local coop, 2-4 player online coop and single-player.
  • NEW 10-player PvP Mode: Battle it out to be the last Kungfu Cowboy standing or team up in a 5v5 battle!
  • Unlock HARD Mode: tougher enemies, trickier platforming and more chaos!
  • 5 Unique Worlds to Run Through: Each World has it’s own unique platforming mechanics – from ziplining on ropes across pirate ships to hopping on flying nimbuses above palace rooftops!
  • Infinite Replayability: Randomly generated levels, enemies and upgrades make every run unique and offer fresh gameplay.
  • Precision-based Shooting: Test your shooting accuracy as you aim for precise headshots which deal more damage than body shots.
  • Kungfu Invincibility: Swiftly kungfu dash thru enemy attacks and platforming obstacles to avoid taking damage.
  • Full Controller Support: Classic twin-stick controls, but with a twist! Left analog stick and bumper controls movement: dash, jump and run. Right analog stick and bumper controls shooting and aiming. 
  • Simple Mechanics: Jump, shoot and dash mechanics are easy to learn but also difficult to master.
  • Challenging Gameplay: Kungfu Cowboy is for those who like a challenge.

Developer Bio

Soy Boy Games is owned by a two-person husband and wife dev team based in Los Angeles, CA. Kungfu Cowboy has been in development since January 2020. start





Press inquiries: info[at]soyboygames.com

Twitter: @soyboygames

Discord: Invite link